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Web and software development with DEFFACTO IO

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Enhance your digital presence with Deffacto IO's bespoke web and software development services. In collaboration with Deffacto.bg, our development team brings your ideas to life. We offer a wide range of digital solutions, including website development and maintenance, social media marketing, as well as various copy and content writing services.

What we can give you:

  • 01 Web development

    Your website is your digital business card. A well-made website is the difference between landing your perfect customers and missing out on potential growth. Website development is the first step to reaching your business goals. Take that step with Deffacto IO.

  • Good SEO ensures YOUR business is the answer to the questions that potential customers are asking on Google. Good web content, coupled with excellent technical support will elevate your search engine game.

  • Effective social media marketing means high brand recognition, a better business reputation, and ultimately- a boost in your sales. Build your network of loyal customers through various social media channels. At Deffacto IO, we aim to inform, engage and entertain your potential customers. We believe these are the three pillars of effective social media communication.

  • Paid advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google allows you to precisely target your audience. We want to empower you to take advantage of these tools and grow your potential customer base. With the right combination of strategy, vision and persuasive text, we maximise your organic growth and brand impact.

  • Did you know that the average Google user takes 3-5 seconds to scan through a text for an answer to their questions? That’s why good copywriting is essential! The art of good copy is what ultimately drives sales and business growth. We craft your texts and you reap the rewards.

  • The power of visual content is undeniable - it leaves a lasting impression, improves engagement and connects emotionally. The human brain has been shown to pay more attention to vivid, visual elements. What conclusion can we draw from this? Your business needs attention-grabbing visuals, which we can provide in the form of static (PNG; JPEG) and dynamic (GIF) banners, as well as video content for your social media profiles and website. This will save you time and effort and create and maintain a positive image for your brand.


By working with Deffacto IO and Deffacto.bg, you can get everything you need to build and grow your business online.